What’s with the stigma around therapy/counseling?

The reality is that all of us experience hard things. Why don’t we talk about these things? And if we want to talk about them, why are we shamed for it? We are social beings and we problem solve best when talking to others through sharing our experiences, struggles, and triumphs.

The good, the bad, and the ugly

We are constantly making judgements, whether they are good, bad, or ugly. People judge us from birth—is the baby hungry, sleepy, wet diaper? People judge our character, our choices, our possessions. But why do we judge? Why do we keep judging?

What is anxiety?

How much of a role does anxiety play in your life? Ever wonder what actual purpose it serves? Anxiety can certainly affect us positively and negatively in our lives. It can help propel us through challenging times and also hinder us too.